News 2021

31. des, 2021
31. des, 2021

Mister and her young master - the dog wit all the "issues" (yes, the last bit is irony). All she needed was an owner with understanding for the breed and dogs in general.

5. des, 2021

And as some of you already know, I'm really considering not to breed the LH anymore.
Some of you know the reason, some of you don't.
I know there are speculations, and by all means, feel free to do that.
But the easiest, and what also gives the only correct answer, is to ask me.

But yes, I have sold one of my bitches. 
I am also concidering to sell 1 more if the right home appears. 
I am not going to sell ALL my dogs and start breeding bunnies.
Dust bunnies how ever, seems to thrive at my place.

Will I start with another breed?
I don't think so.
For that, since I have the dogs I already have, I will need to find my dream home with a great garden far away from others.

Right now I'm just hope for a nice and quiet Christmas for my family and friends. 
And I hope that 2022 will bring more sunshine and good times for everyone I care about and those they care about. 

I also hope for more honesty in 2022, and that instead of telling others about the disappointments, those who feel in such way have the guts to tell the persons about it face to face. This way, maybe the ruomers and gossip will stop. Well, at least that's a hope. 

Take care all.

24. nov, 2021

Mister moved last Saturday to Adél who also have Rev (Mei Alucinor Alex Karev) from us. 
Before she left, I had her DNA tested, this since I had a kit lying around. She's Clear by parents, but now we also have her DNA to prove it.

19. okt, 2021

Sometimes I go against my own principles.
Because I sometimes just do not bother to take the "fight" that I know is coming.
Even though things are clearly written down, and I have all rights on my side, I just know that sometimes it's just not worth it.
But, that's one of the downsides of being a breeder.
Sometimes you just have to swallow a camel or two ...
The most important thing after all is that the pup has a good home.