News 2021

19. okt, 2021

Sometimes I go against my own principles.
Because I sometimes just do not bother to take the "fight" that I know is coming.
Even though things are clearly written down, and I have all rights on my side, I just know that sometimes it's just not worth it.
But, that's one of the downsides of being a breeder.
Sometimes you just have to swallow a camel or two ...
The most important thing after all is that the pup has a good home.

18. okt, 2021

Sometimes at work I'm asked if the trainers can borrow one of my dogs for passing training. This because I have dogs with a lot of sound, especially Cruella.

Last week, they borrowed Mister. 
I thought it would be interesting to see how she was with complete strangers when dogs passed her. 

Well, whan can I say?
Except for that what I have believed all along seems to be true. Mister's reaction is learned.

She did react one time, this was when one of the passing dogs reacted towards her.

So, Misters issues, they are no longer any issues.
In fact.
There's not been any issues at all.
All it needs is the right person at the end of the leash. 
For Mister that is.

11. okt, 2021
I have said it before, and I’ll say it again; as an owner of a male that’s to be used in breeding, you have a responsibility. Just as much as the owner of the bitch. 
You are responsible to check health and mentality, and also make sure that the combination (at least on paper) seems good. 
If you are not that in to lines etc, you can always ask your breeder. He or she will know the lines of the dog you have and can give you advice. And maybe there’s also a club for the breed you have. Maybe they can give advice as well. 
But, if you end up saying yes and letting someone use your male on their bitch, and you later on regret this choice, at least have the guts to admit it. 
Don’t blame others, saying you were tricked into it. 
It was your choice. I don’t think anybody forced you to say yes.
And saying things happened too fast …?
Well, you still had a choice. 
And when you had the time to demand endorsement after being advised this, I guess you also had the time to say no.
Why didn’t the one advising you to demand the endorsement advise against you lending out your male?
You are not only showing your true colors you ...
You also talk down the owner of the bitch and the person you blame for tricking you. 
And it sure tells a lot about «the high and mighty».
4. okt, 2021

Annonsetekst fra

Tispe f. Mars 2020 settes ut på fórvertavtale.
Et eventuelt salg, fortrinnsvis med avlsavtale, kan vurderes dersom rett hjem dukker opp.

Dette er en glad og positiv frøken, men hun trenger en kyndig og erfaren fører som har interesse for å la henne bruke seg. Hun er veldig glad i nesearbeide, så trening innen luktdiskriminering vil nok være ypperlig.

Mister er ei tispe som vi fikk tilbake i April, og hun har vært her hos oss siden da.
Pga feil trening hos tidligere fórvert har hun hatt et par ting vi har jobbet med, men dette er forholdsvis enkle saker å korrigere dersom man er klar på hva man ønsker av henne.

Ved interesse, send oss en melding og fortell litt om deg selv, erfaring med hund og hvorfor du mener at en LH vil passe inn i din hverdag.
En eventuell fórvert bør bo maks 1 time fra Sarpsborg.
Hun plasseres ikke ut til familier med barn under 12 år.
Henvendelser uten fullt navn vil ikke bli besvart.

Mister is looking for a new home. 
Co-owner, or sale with breeding terms.
She's born in March 2020
For more info, please send an e-mail to:

1. okt, 2021
Mei Alucinor Alex Karev became BOS at WDS2021 30.9.21 got the title World Winner 2021.
Judge was Rony Doedijns.

Needless to say I'm a proud breeder.