News 2021

19. jan, 2021

Then the last puppy has left the house. 
He will be living with a Malinois and be trained in obedience. 
His new owner is a dog trainer.
She's also a writer and has toghether with her comapnion written the book Best Hverdag.

We will miss the little rascal, but, it was time for him to move on and stand on his own paws. 

Siv Svendsen
No Limit Obedience

13. jan, 2021

Today Elora Danan moved to her new home.
So, now Willow is alone in the puppy pen.
He will get lot of comfort and playtime with Maffe and Mys. 
Hopefully, we'll find the right home for him soon.
He's a lovely little boy, with lots of guts and potential.
Life on a farm or as a "working-dog" would fit him perfectly. 
But, he needs a home where the owners knows dogs and want's to work with him. 

8. jan, 2021

Willow Ufgood - a nice dark liver male with potential for obedience and smeller/odor identification. He's a young man with his own opinions and he both shows them and "tell" them. 

Elora Danan - a little sweetie with great tan colors, she's a though little girl who knows what she wants. She's got a great nose so smeller/odor identification will be a great activity for her. 

They are born 22.10.2020

Homes with experience with dogs will be prefered. 

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