News 2018

21. nov, 2018
21. nov, 2018

Webs became Nordic Junior Winner 2018 with CQ for judge Stephanie Walsh at NKK's show 16.11
For judge Stefan Sinko he got 1EXC, CQ, 2JKK 

21. okt, 2018

To develop and to increase the gene pool, we here at Kennel Mei Alucinor are looing for a new bitch to our breedingprogram. 

We are interested in buying a bitch in the age 1-5 years that are DNA tested for PLL and CEA, preferred free, but carrier are ok. Patella 0/0, good alround health and temper, and of course with a breedtypical exterior.

We also could be interested in leasing a bitch for a litter. 

Please contact us at: 



20. okt, 2018
14. okt, 2018

Happy birthday to "The Doctors" Mei Alucinor Alex Karev, MA Richard Webber, MA Nathan Riggs, MA Marc Sloan. And to MA Derek Shephard that left us only 1 week old <3