News 2018

12. okt, 2018
12. okt, 2018

Today at Euro Dog Show 2018 in Poland, Mei Alucinor Alex Karev got the following result by judge Miroslav Redlicki: Excellent, I, European Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best of Opposite Sex

Rev also got the title Junior Champion of Poland as dogs awarded European Junior Winner automatically get this title.

I am so proud of him and of his owner Adél, and it's a bit fun that this happened on Rev's mother's birthday.

3. sep, 2018

Just got a message that Markus (Mark Sloan) are missing 4 teeth. 

We have experienced several heelers with missing teeth. So far, we think it's a ressesive thing, and while gathering information, Dick Koster have so far found 66 dogs with missing teeth and 246 "carriers" (i.e parent or offspring). 

The FCI standar says this when it comes to teeth: "Jaws / Teeth: Scissor bite – jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and setsquare to the jaws. Under or overshot to be discouraged." So, it doesn't say that the breed shall have a complete dental.

Luckilly not many dogs will be affected by their lack of teeth, but still, one should keep it in mind when breeding. But the gene pole is not big enough to totally exclude dogs with missing teeth when breeding and missing teeth are not so serious compared to many other things. 

1. sep, 2018

Great news from Adél: Rev became BOB, BOJ and got CAJC today at National show Olomouc :-)He then made history (again) as the first LH entering an National show in Czech Republic.

1. sep, 2018

25 of August Webs was shown at the Swedish breed clubs special show. Judge for the day was Susanne Nilsson.

Nate was also there. Here are their results:

Mei Alucinor Nathan Riggs 3 best Junior male with CK
Mei Alucinor Richard Webber 2 best Junior male with CK and res.CAC