News 2019

26. des, 2019

What has happened since last time?

DKK Herning in November: I showed Webs two days. He became 2Best Male with CAC the first day, the second day he got VG. 
Cruella was also shown. She got 2Best Bitch the first day with Recerve CAC, the second day she also became 2 Best Bitch but then she got the CAC so she is now Norwegian and Danish Champion. 

Webs was shown at Dogs4All, he only got VG because he was not that confident in the ring. 

I will also show Mystique at the last show of the year: The Norwegian Doberman Club's Romjulsutstilling. Well, a bit wrong to say that I will show her, I have asked Auntie Grusom to do that :-)

We are also planning two litters next year. So now I'm just waiting for the bitches to get in heat, and hopefully we will get two good matings, with two heathy litters. More about the plans, the bitches and the males will soon come. 

Otherwise, we at Kennel Mei Alucinor wish you a great time this Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2020.


23. okt, 2019

Today, Mei Alucinor Alex Karev was at Club show Mladá Boleslav and got Ex1, CAC, BOB and became Club Winner. Today he also became stud dog.

Congratulations to owner Adél Dvo.
photo: Adél Dvo

19. aug, 2019

On the 10th of August, Mystique was shown by Damien at the Swedish Lancashire Heeler Clubs Special Show. She then became BOS for judge Maggy Jones. BOB was her brother Markko. 

Webs became 3 in his group.

On the 11th of August, Mystique was shown by Damien at the Norwegian Lancashire Heeler Clubs Special Show. She then became BIS Puppy for judge Elaine Syrett. 

Webs became 3 in his group for Judge Jacky Cutler.

27. jul, 2019

Mystique was on her first show as a puppy. She was judged by Jovica Golubović from Romania. He had this to say about her:

"typical head, top line enoug correct, chest deepth enough, croup little short, for quarter, good hind quarter, very good, movment typical very promising"

She became BOB puppy. We did not stay for the group becaus of the heat.

On the 28th, Mystique was shown for judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi. She became BOB with this critique:

"very nice topline, good size, level back, very well ang rear, good muzzle, corr bite, corr set and carri ears, very promising"

14. jul, 2019


Today (13.7.2019) EUJW'18 PjrCh Mei Alucinor Alex Karev got VG from judge Miroslav Václavík. The reason for the VG is that Rev is missing av P3.