News 2020

30. jun, 2020

I'm sorry to say, but I have to apologize to you who have wanted a puppy after Cruella this year. Due to various circumstances, there is no litter on her.

20. jun, 2020

Cruella has gone into heat.
Due to unforeseen events, a different male dog will be used than first planned. And we evaluate for and against who will be the best alternative to Cruella.

More info to come ...

31. mai, 2020

Hopefully we will have a litter near fall 2020.
The mother will be our Cruella (Sukelyas Cruella De Vil). 
She will be mated with a nice b/t male with a steady temper.
This litter can be carriers of PLL (father is carrier) and CEA (father not tested), so we will have the puppies DNA tested before sale. 

More info to come.

We are also planning 2 litters in 2021 if all goes as planned. 

29. mai, 2020

And the only one left at home is Mr. 
She's a very putgoing demanding lillte big girl.
She loves attention and she sure knows to tell if she thinks that she doesn't get enought of it. 

Hopefully, she will move next week to a home where she will be trained to scent-work and then later work as a part of wildlife concervations. She will be sold on breeding therms, and I hope to get a litter from her in 2-3 years time. 

Red has moved. 
He's sold with breeding therms, and I hope to use him in a couple of years with a fitting bitch. 

6. mai, 2020

So, this Friday May 8th, the puppies will be 8 weeks old. 
Time just flew away. 

They are all registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club, vaccinated, healthcheked, eyescreened and chipped. So, now they are ready to move out. 

On Friday, Aram will move to his new home. His name will be Oscar. 
On Saturday, it's time for Dembe to move out. Not sure what they have decided to call him yet. 

Red and Mister will stay until I find the right homes for them. 
We are looking for a co-owner to Mister, and hopefully she will grow up and be a part of our breeding program.