To liver or not to liver

I just read the following statement: 

"A mating of Liver and Tan to Liver and Tan dilutes the colur and should this follow in another generation further dilution follows. This has produced solid yellow (golden) Lancashire Heelers.» 

The yellow puppies born at Stardogs Kennel in Sweden were out of a black bitch and sired by a black father. This means that both the mother and father carried the yellow gene, so they were either BBee or Bbee. The yellow did not come from any dilution. Or any livers. And, if you look at the pictures of the puppies, you can clearly see that the noses are black. As far as I know, the offsprings after the one yellow bitch have not become yellow or given yellow puppies. 

Are there born other yellow puppies than these? 
And are there born any yellow puppies from liver parents? 

A dog can only dilute if it carries the dilute-gene. It takes two recessives (dd) to lighten the colors. A dog that is Dd or DD will have normal (non-dilute) pigment.

I know that some describes the livers as dilute, well, liver is not technically dilution, but just a different color of eumelanin. So, if the parents doesn’t carrie the Dilute-gene or only ones carries it, the puppies will be nothing other than liver if breeding a liver with liver. 

A liver can indeed give yellow puppies, but then, since the e-allele is recessive, the puppies must have two copies of the MC1R mutation to express solid yellow coat color. So from liver parents, the puppies must then be bbee. 

"It's often claimed that dilute dogs are less healthy than those with normal pigment. This misconception has most likely come from the prevalence in some breeds of a condition known as Colour Dilution Alopecia (CDA). Similarly, some breeders claim that dilute dogs should never be bred together. There is no genetic basis for this claim. All eumelanin is affected on a dd dog. If the dog has any black or liver then it is not a true dilute. Dilute (dd) affects liver as well as black. A liver dilute is a light grey/brown and is generally known as an isabella or lilac." 
(source doggenetics) 

And this is science and not «hear-say» or speculations. 

Remember that a black dog also can carry the Dilute-gene as well, and the e-allele as we already know, so, with bad luck, you can get yellow or blue puppies after a black/black breeding. It all depends on the genes ... 

By the way: I have had a liver/liver combination and I have DNA-tested my liver offsprings. NONE of them carries the Dilute-gene, and none of them has the e-allel that gives yellow either.


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