Norwegian Lhasa Apso Klubb

Judge Svend Løvenskjær

(After a very harsh handling by a male vet, Maffe has become afraid of men when she stands on a table. So when I put her on the table for the Judge, she just showed all signs of not wanting this. The judge just asked me to put her down because he saw how afraid she was. We are now days in traingin, so hopefully we will be able to enter a show again soon.)

Norwegian Shih Tzu Klubb 5/6-17

Judge Colette Muldoon

Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb 26.6.16

BOB puppy, BOG4 Puppy
Judge Leif Ragnar Hjort had this to say about Maffe:
6 months old
Good proportions in head and body
Correct bite
Very good neck ang angulars
Good developed chest
Taut and muscular topline
Correct tailset
Very promising coat
Moves very well from all sides
Lovely temperament
A very promesing puppy

Norsk Lhasa Apso Klubb 25.6.16

BOB Puppy
Judge Markku Kipnä had this to say about Maffe:
Good sixe and prportions, could have a longer ribcage. 
Very expressive head
Good bite, neck and tail
Well angulated
Could have a bit more firm topline
Good temperament

Sandefjord Hundeklubb 11.6.16

BOB Puppy
BOG4 Puppy
Judge Marie Bailey had this to say about Maffe:
Beautiful puppy in wonderful condition
Very alert
Good eyes.
Correct bite
Lovely topline
Lovely temperament

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