He got EXC, unfortunately no CK

He got EXC, unfortunately no CK

DKK Hærning 3.11.2019

Judge: Klaus-Peter Fricke

DKK Hærning 2.11.2019

Judge: John Muldoon

NDK 28.12.2018

Judge Dagmar Klein gave Webs Exc, CK, BOB

Excellent type, correct head with correct expression. Chest and substance in development. Very nice temper.

NKK 17.11.2018

NKK 17.11.2018

NKK 16.11.2018

NKK 16.11.2018

Kongsberg Hundeklubb 27.10.2018

The judge Zorica Blomquist gave Webs an Excellent, no CK this time. But the critique was good: 
Beautiful head, good pigment, strong and well developed body, good angulations, nice temper, a bit shy and needs more training to gain self-control.

Svenska Lancashire Heeler Klubbens Special 25.08.2018, dommer Susanne Nilsson

Svenska Lancashire Heeler Klubbens Special 25.08.2018, dommer Susanne Nilsson

NMHK 12.8.2018

Tina showed him for judge Harto Stockmari from Finland who had this to say about Webs:

"Masculine good proportions.
Well shaped head, correct bite, good neck. Short rib, good front legs, a bit loose in the elbow.
Well shaped, good chest.
Harmonic angulars.
Very good movements when he want's to show them.
Excellent steplenght, needs practice.
Misses his mum."


NDK 11.8.2018

Webs (Mei Alucinor Richard Webber) was shown today at Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb's show. Handler was Tina.

Judge Livija Zizevske had this to say about Webs:
"Excellent type, well boned. Good proportion, head and expression. Good set ears. Strong neck. Very strong body. A little bit short in upper arm. Excellent rear and angulation. Good balanced movements. Need a better temp."

Exc, BOB Jr


Mei Alucinor Richard Webber - Webs, attended his first show as a Junior today. He became BOB Junior and BOB, and got CAC for judge Galyha Litova today. Here is what she said about him:

"Very good size, strong type. Typical breed strong male. Ex correct colour of eyes. Correct set ear/tail. Very well developed muscle. Enough long bone. Strong bone/loins. Front and back angulations very good. Enough developed. Correct bite"

MOHK 1.5.18

Webs became BOB Puppy for judge Caroline Elisabeth Mauseth today. She had this to say about him:

Correct bite, masculin wellshaped head, nice ears, wellformed eyes, good underjaw, very good shoulder, neck and topline. Well set tail, powerfull body, good chest, nice bones. Stands very well on paralell legs, good angulations. Effective movements. Nice coat and color. Needs more table-training. Nice temper.

KGFH 2018

31.3: Mei Alucinor Richard Webber became BOB puppy for judge Romy Doedijns
1.4:  Mei Alucinor Richard Webber became BOB puppy and BOG2 for judge John Wauben
Very proud of my Team Webs 

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